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Welcome to the Fractal family of products.

High quality cannabis products that consumers
seek out for flavor, potency and style.

Our patent-pending extraction process is disrupting cannabis
conventions and bringing exciting new products to market every day.

Olala Cannabis Sodas Haku CO2 Extracts Mortimer's Old Fashioned Cannabis Sodas Andiamo Cannabis Coffees
Award Winning Cannabis Beverages

Crisp, light and refreshingly sweet, our delicious cannabis infused sodas help customers find their own paradise right here in Washington.

Olala’s whole-flower extraction formula, natural ingredients and full homogenization deliver the highest quality, most flavorful sodas produced anywhere. Our commitment to quality extends to carbonation, where our super-fizzy sodas help with cannabis uptake and overall delightful taste!

Olala Cannabis Beverages

Mother Nature knows best, and here at HAKU we are obsessed with preserving the magic found in live cannabis flowers through our patent-pending process.

Haku Pure Live Resin

Deeply yummy and indulgent, infused throughout with authentic old-fashioned flavor, Mortimer’s takes you back to the good old days with a new cannabis twist. Mortimer’s wholeflower extraction formula, natural ingredients and full homogenization mean you can enjoy traditional flavors with a cannabis kick any time, anywhere in the multiverse. Try one today!

Mortimer's Cannabis Cola

At Andiamo! we’re serious about great tasting coffee. Perfectly balanced and expertly paired, Andiamo! combines the bold, smoky-sweetness of French roast Arabica beans with our full-profile cannabis blend to create a new standard for full-bodied, full-spectrum cannabis beverages. Now available with THC or THC+CBD.

It’s the new way to perk up – with just the right amount of simmer down!

Andiamo Cannabis Coffees